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KurtzPel's 'Sacred Guardian' Karma and DLC Pack Now Available

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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KurtzPel’s new Sacred Guardian Karma and DLC pack are available now, introducing the first healer, three new PvE missions, an FoV slider, and more.

Details were provided in a new press release, explaining what exactly the ‘Sacred Guardian’ Karma is. Turns out it’s the first weapon that allows players to enact the "Support" role. This goes beyond hitting like a truck, this includes healing, resurrection and projectile deflection.

You can buy the Sacred Guardian in the Steam shop here, or by collecting enough Chase Points and Ability Points in-game. The 'Sacred Guardian Starter Pack' unlocks the three missions related to Lime in the mission map. After completing the missions, players can play to receive additional rewards, such as costumes, Karma Crystals, and more depending on their affinity with the NPC, Lime.

Additionally, the update will also include a tweaks to balance based on feedback provided directly by players, and in tandem with the Dev Team via the Eltheca Proving Ground. Check out the trailer below:


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