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KurtzPel Receives New 'Lightning Fang' Karma Weapon

Plus new event

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Lightning Fang, the latest Karma weapon added to KurtzPel, should now be available in-game.

Lightning Fang is a Magical Mid-Range Slayer Class that wield Kunai Knives and utilizes high mobility with blinking abilities to punish distracted and vulnerable enemies. The Karma Master for Lightning Fang is a brand new original character, Ren. Once a member of the Assassin Organization 'Ash', Ren now joins the Chase alongside the Wolf Spirit 'Ner' to bring the Lightning Fang Karma to Eltheca.

Additionally, to celebrate the release of this new Karma, players who play using the new Lightning Fang Karma will receive an additional 30% AP, CP and DP from September 23rd 2020 to September 30th 2020 enabling them to acquire more skills, costumes and equipment faster than previously.

Additionally, KurtzPel will feature an Attendance Event with rewards like Character Appearance Change Tickets, Advanced Supply Boxes to acquire equipment, Advanced Dyes for customizing those equipment, and more.


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