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KurtzPel Receives 'Aegis Knight' Karma Update

New trailer, XP bonus event and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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KurtzPel has received its latest update which sees a new Karma, the Aegis Knight.

The Aegis Knight is a Physical Breaker brandishing both Sword and Shield in combat allowing it to break opponent’s defenses while allowing you to maintain your own. Additional information was provided in the accompanying press release which states that the Karma Master for the Aegis Knight is Luna Erudon.

Luna Erudon is the descendant of Ancient Kurtzpel (and GrandChase’s) “Ronan Erudon”. This results in a similar playstyle involving the ability to make equally powerful offensive and defensive plays with the ability to block projectiles, buff teammates’ defenses, create terrain to hinder your opponents or simply charge at them with your shield.

To celebrate the release of this new Karma, anyone who plays as the new Aegis Knight Karma will receive an additional 30% AP, CP and DP from July 15 to July 29. This should help you acquire more skills, costumes and equipment faster than before.

Finally, KurtzPel will also have an Attendance Event featuring rewards to help make your presence felt in Eltheca with Emotes, Advanced Supply Boxes to acquire equipment, Advanced Dyes for customizing those equipment and more.


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