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Kritika Global Rolls Out on Steam Without Blockchain Elements, as Game Gets First Major Update

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Kritika Global, which released last month, has just passed two milestones. The successor to Kritika Online has its first major update, and has released on Steam. Though the Steam version does not include the game’s blockchain elements, as mandated by Valve’s rules.

The Steam launch is now live and only open to Steam accounts. Anyone with an account from the Kritika Global launch site won’t be able to access their accounts this way. Since Valve decided that any game with blockchain elements wasn’t welcome on its platform, this is effectively a separate version. It will still be a free to play download and the team promises some separate paid packages from the shop, as well as events, but these will simply remain different from the greater release.

Recently, upcoming MMORPG Legends of Aria decided to drop plans for its own free to play version, deciding on a full “play and earn” release and delisting from Steam.

There is a Steam launch celebration event running through August 9th that can get you rewards once per account just for playing. These rewards include pets, costume boxes, currency, and more. If you play and reach level 70 by August 9th, you'll get some high-level bonus items sent to your mailbox.

As for the first major Kritika Global update, this introduces a new competitive guild feature called Siege War. This mode lets guilds battle each other for the chance to occupy a castle’s territory. Victorious players get the chance to earn special rewards and, of course, enjoy control.That event happens every Saturday and battles will last through Sunday. The guild that wins the battle gets stat buffs and currency. Better rewards come from higher-level castles you take over.

The update also introduces monthly PVP tournaments for level 70 + players. This lets players globally compete in tournaments.

For more on the Steam launch , head over to Kritika Global.


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