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Koshai is a Mysterious New Behemoth Arriving with 'The Coming Storm'

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The Dauntless site has been updated with a new blog post that details a "mysterious new behemoth" that will be arriving with The Coming Storm content update when it launches on August 8th. Called Koshai, this behemoth is known as the Sovereign of Thorns and is a "vicious beast that can tear apart the strongest armor with its powerful thorns and vines".

Players can also look forward to the new Ostian Repeaters for ranged combat.

These handheld mechanical marvels come straight from the forges of Ostia and have benefited from their artisans’ love of tinkering. The result is a paired weapon with interchangeable parts, allowing Slayers to customize different aspects of their repeaters to suit their needs. The materials needed to create these weapons and the training required to wield them will challenge even devoted Slayers. But for those who give their time, passion, and archonite, there’s something truly lethal in store.

In addition, eagle-eyed players will notice the living, breathing world being built by Phoenix Labs. There are new points of interest, characters and events that will change as a result of players. Players have begun to notice "gigantic javelins, misplaced supplies and banners left behind by Ostian hunting parties".

Learn more on the Dauntless site.


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