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Klang Raises $22.3M for New Space Colony MMO

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a report by VentureBeat, it looks like Klang has raised $22.3M for a new space colony MMO called Seed.

The official site describes Seed as, “a boundless journey for human survival, fueled by discovery, collaboration, and genuine emotion. ONE EXOPLANET. THOUSANDS OF PLAYERS. ENDLESS GAMEPLAY.”

Seed looks to be a persistent world, according to VentureBeat. A single player will be able to manage multiple characters, with each character continuing to live its life when the player logs off. You can join the Discord here.

Novator Partners led the funding for Seed, with with firm’s Birgir Ragnarsson saying,

“We have been a big fan of the team and leadership of Klang from the start. The company is truly on the cutting edge in technology and innovation, but more importantly it understands games and gamers better than most and has no fear in its ambitions for Seed. This combination along with the artistic talent in the company gives rise to a truly exciting opportunity with unlimited potential. We are proud to take a lead role in the business and assist the team on this ambitious quest.”

You can check out the pre-alpha teaser below.


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