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Kitchen Utensils Used with Deadly Effect as 1M Players Take Part

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Gaijin Entertainment has announced that over a million players took part in  the free to play Cuisine Royale, a battle royale with a culinary twist. Cuisine Royale began its life as an April Fool's Day joke that gained traction with the company's fans until the team finally decided to give it a go by releasing it earlier this month.

Dinnerware and kitchen utensils, which have been long overlooked in terms of their combat capabilities in other games, will finally be able to show off their true potential in Cuisine Royale. Players can use a colander as head protection, equip a wok pot as a formidable breastplate, or strap on a massive waffle maker to be protected even against the largest calibers of weapons. Some of the items found in game can be used both in defense and offense, like the versatile pancake pan that can shield against incoming bullets as good as it can brain enemy players.  Other items that can be found on the battlefield are even more exotic: Strapping on a medical dropper will provide the player with accelerated health regeneration, a set of glasses will increase weapon accuracy and chewing on a cuban cigar will turn the player into a real Tough Guy able to withstand even more physical punishment!

Check out the Cuisine Royale Steam page for more information.


Suzie Ford

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