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Kingdom Under Fire 2's First Update Includes Raid and Christmas Event

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Kingdom Under Fire 2 received its first update and features a Christmas event and a raid.

Here’s what’s included in the update:

  • Scourged Mountain, First 16-Player Raid: Enjoy a new, grand, sixteen-player raid that requires heroes to collaborate to best an alpine challenge at peak altitude.
  • New Troops: Based on player feedback, the Cubic Shop has been updated to offer players a new way to unlock the troops they desire for their armies. In addition, those who complete the new Scourged Mountain raid can additionally unlock five new troop types.
  • Christmas Event: The first seasonal event for Kingdom Under Fire 2! Help Mr. Christmas with his jolly errands and unlock a series of special costumes, mounts, and Christmas-themed troops!
  • Treasure Goblin’s Nest Mission: A new hero mission sends players into the nest of some greedy goblins. Gold, troop visionstones, and training stones await those who can pry the riches from the greedy goblin’s grubby fingers.
  • Christmas Login Presents: as part of the holiday celebration, players will get presents on 3 special days throughout December 2019 to support them on their adventures in Bersia, with the first one taking place on December 12.
  • Golden Holidays: the month of December brings not only new content, but additional rewards with 100% additional gold boost for players through January 7th of 2020, so that they can finance their war efforts more intensely during the holidays.

You check out the full patch notes here.


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