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Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Announced, Coming To PC And Consoles In 2024

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, the follow-up to Warhorse Studios' inaugural medieval RPG, has officially been announced today. The sequel to the 2018 RPG will be released later this year on PC and consoles.

Set after the events of Kingdom Come: DeliveranceKCD2 again follows the adventures of Henry of Skalitz in 15th-century Bohemia. This time, Henry is taken to the cosmopolitan city of Kuttenberg, which was a large population center for the Kingdom of Bohemia during this time frame.

In a nearly 14-minute long reveal, Warhorse Studios set the stage for Henry's journey, with Kingdom Come: Deliverance II seeing Henry go from the small village and surrounding countryside he knew to the medieval city of Kuttenberg, all the while getting caught up in the local politics and strife while he hunts for revenge against those who murdered his parents.

Fans of the first game will no doubt be eager to dive in and pick up Henry's story from where it left off, but Warhorse spokesperson Tobias Stolz-Zwilling told IGN in an interview today that no real knowledge of the original game will be needed to enjoy the sequel.

"KCD2 takes place right after the events of KCD1; however, it is not necessary to know the first game to fully enjoy the sequel," Stolz-Zwilling told IGN's Kat Bailey.  "While the old-time fans will feel right at home, we put a lot of effort into adding enough info and guidance that will bring new players up to speed. But yes, KCD1 was pretty much a story about local lords and their squabbles, while in KCD2 we are moving to a bigger stage with more at stake. Henry gets thrown into the conflict of an invading king versus the people of Bohemia. But he is still this “regular dude” who has to find his place in the world, and he will quickly realize that he needs friends in order to achieve his goals and stay alive."

The upcoming game is still devoted to being as historically accurate as possible, though not in a way that gets rid of the fun. NPCs aren't simply there to create atmosphere - like in the first game they have roles, schedules, jobs and more in the hopes that it makes each population center feel alive. The realistic European combat is making a return, alongside two new weapon addition: the Crossbow and early gunpowder weapons. 

As far as timing, there is no official release date revealed as of yet, but Warhorse Studios does state that Kingdom Come: Deliverance II will be coming later this year on PC, Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5. We enjoyed what we played in our 7/10 review of the original Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with our reviewer praising its wonderfully realized world and stunning visuals, though did say some of the quests could go on a bit too long.


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