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King of the Kill to Update with Ignition on Friday

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The May producer's letter for H1Z1: King of the Kill has been published with the big news that the Ignition game mode will be launching on Friday, May 20th. Ignition has been tuned over the course of its existence on the test server and the team feels it's ready for deployment.

A few tips here for you to help you find some early success.

  • As you descend into the arena on your ATV, turn left or right to orient yourself in the direction that you want to head, this way you can set off as soon as you touch the ground.
  • Be very aware of the safe zone locations! You will see a helicopter hovering over the safe zones, so look for these to help you find your way.  The ground will be clearly marked for you once you make it.  Red means you are not safe, green means you are.
  • Don’t leave getting to the safe zone to the last minute. There is a real balance between gearing up, looting, and getting to a safe zone.  If you are outside of the safe zone when the timer hits zero, it is game over for you, so don’t let that happen.
  • Once time expires, you have to remain in the ring for 30 seconds.  If you slip outside of the ring, you explode and are knocked out of the match.
  • Look for the special airdrops at the end of the ring locks.  They may contain a loaded-up off-roader to help get you to the next safe zone and give you the extra advantage you may need to get the win.

The game will also be undergoing a number of other updates as well including UI changes, improvements to the team experience, sync'd match starts, better rewards and more.

Read the full update on the H1Z1: King of the Kill site.


Suzie Ford

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