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King Of The Kill Producer Letter Published

Catherine Daro Posted:
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The latest H1Z1: King of the Kill producer letter has been published on the game's site. The letter covers a number of topics with some very specific information about several game systems and feature updates. 

Here are some of the things discussed in the letter:

  • Game performance: several optimizations have been put in place to improve frame rate, etc. 
  • Combat: bug fixes and the return of jump shots, though at the expense of accuracy.
  • Battle Royale: Safe zone size will be determined by the number of players still alive. The fewer there are, the smaller the safe zone, for example. 
  • Vehicles: tuning and polish to physics and seating.
  • July Skirmish: will continue through the end of the month with double health.

There are a lot more details in the letter so head to the H1Z1: King of the Kill site to check it out!



Catherine Daro