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Kinera Announces Stunning $1399 In-Ear Monitors, Dubbed "Baldr"

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Courtesy of HiFiGo, we found out this week about a stunning new headphone coming from the fine folks at Kinera, the Baldr. These headphones have "audiophile" written all over them. From their stunning design, complex driver array, and breathtaking price tag, these IEMs are showstoppers.

The IEM takes its name from Norse mythology with Baldr being the son of Odin. It should come as no surprise, then, that these IEMs seem to be reaching for the heavens. Here's what HiFiGo had to say in description:

Powerful Multi-Driver Setup Providing Rich Sound Output:

The Flagship Kinera Baldr houses a powerful multi-driver hybrid setup consisting of four electrostatic drivers, one Kinera self-developed powerful 7mm micro-dynamic driver, and two Knowles balanced armature units. The pair provides a high-resolution sound output with rich detailing and crisp clarity. The pair provides the users with impactful deep bass, natural lifelike vocals, and a brilliantly detailed treble portion.

Outstanding Detailing with Four Sonion EST Drivers:

The Kinera Baldr produces outstanding details and a well-extended treble portion thanks to the four Sonion EST driver units. They are tuned with utmost precision and professional audio engineers to provide the users with rich high-resolution sound output and brilliant instruments detailing.

Acoustic Three-Way Sound Frequency Division:

The Kinera Baldr has professionally designed acoustic three-way frequency division technology that provides a precise connection between the multiple driver units. It ensures that none of the frequencies leaks to the other segments and make your music sound distortion-free and rich.

The use of electrostatic drivers is extremely rare in IEMs and, frankly, headphones in general. They're renowned for their clarity but also the premium they typically carry even for an entry-level set. Their presence in this IEM is exciting purely from an innovation standpoint and will almost certainly lend these headphones a unique sound.

Even though most of us will be left to only imagine what a $1399 IEM sounds like, it's neat to see what's occurring at the cutting edge of audio design. By their design, these also double as a collector's item and triple as miniature art pieces. Find out more at HiFiGo. 


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