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Kids Sci-Fi MMO NEO2045 Launches Today on PC and Mobile

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Kids can set off on a new journey now that sci-fi MMO NEO2045 has been released for PC and mobile. 

NEO2045 has a storyline set in space, with kids who are working to save the world and everything from a robot villain who thinks he's still in the video game he came from. The game features a galaxy of options that combine single player and multiplayer activities, as well as a series of tools to let kids shape the world, create challenges to share with others.

Those creative tools are some that the developers at VR Realms want to highlight in the game's launch. “We’re excited to announce that we are at the finish line for the full-feature launch of NEO, including the 'Snap' Game Maker, which really is a major highlight in the game," according to  Robb Beeston, CEO and Founder of VR Realms.

So what is the Snap Game Maker? It's a tool that lets kids drag and drop in order to make their own minigames within NEO2045. These could be obstacle courses, races, platformers, or other forms of fun to share. The other promise the team makes is that these are scalable, so you can create a tiny racing game for you and a couple of friends or a large adventure that entire groups can enjoy. 

Among the other highlights is the Pet Battles system, which works via a card battle game. Collecting cards, creating strategic decks, and deciding how your pet will play will be possible. The Realms are also going to stand out, with the main five being where the questing and social hubs will be, but with the option to create individual player Realms. Those will allow for terraforming and essentially creating worlds shaped and with features that work just the way you’d like.

NEO2045 is clearly aiming to have something fun and new for all kinds of kids who enjoy a good story, adventure, exploration, and creativity. With lots of options, you can find out more on the official site, and get the game via Steam, Google Play, or the App Store.


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