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Key To Heaven, Indie MMO, Says Over 6500 Characters Have Been Made Since Its Launch, Talks Next Big Update

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Key To Heaven, a 2D indie MMO, just dropped a major new update to the Early Access online RPG, as well as announced via a press release that since its launch its seen over 6500 unique characters created. 

In case you're unfamiliar, Key to Heaven is an old-school 2D MMORPG, offering more casual MMO gameplay with players able to create their player the way they like. K2H provides ways for players to be the great PVPer, or an explorer, and more. Released into early access back in April, Key 2 Heaven's team announced today via a press release that the 2D MMO has seen "more than 6500 created characters."

"Key To Heaven has now been out for almost a month. And it has gained a dedicated player base with more than 6500 created characters. Their feedback is extremely valuable as the game continues its journey."

Coupled with that announcement comes a major update which sees many aspects of the MMO tweaked, such as new quests, new unique skin colors, lowered PVP drops when the enemy is 10 levels higher than you, performance tweaks and more. Other tweaks include increasing the amount of gold you can get from monsters, while reducing the drop rate of dyes. 

So far reviews on Steam are mostly positive, with players stating Key to Heaven has a lot of potential, with some calling it a "well-balanced old school MMO." You can check out the full balance and patch notes for today's update on the Steam page, as well as check out the MMO if you'd like as it's free to play. It does have a microtransaction shop, but developer Far side of North Studio stresses that the microtransactions are customization options and global server events. 


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