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Keaven Freeman, Guild Wars 2 Game Designer, Leaves ArenaNet

So long, farewell

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In some somewhat sad news, Guild Wars 2 Game Designer, Keaven Freeman, announced on his blog that he is departing ArenaNet.

You can read the full blog post here. Keaven notes that he is quite proud of the work he did on Guild Wars 2. Reflecting on his time with the studio, he notes that it’s the people he will miss most,

“I’m really going to miss the people with whom I’ve developed a strong rapport here, and I wish every single one of them massive heaps of success.”

As to what’s next, Keaven notes that he’s moving to Global Worldwide where he’ll work on Kingdom Maker, an opportunity for which he’s quite excited. He ends the blog with some parting words,

“But never fear – in the world of video game developers, your family only ever grows larger as you move, not smaller. The friends made here will be friends embraced again when paths inevitably cross in the future.”

Image Credit: Keaven Freeman


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