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Kaneva Unveils New Game Platform Version

Posted Oct 20, 2005 by Jon Wood

Kaneva Unveils New Game Platform Version

Kaneva, the company that offers both amature and professional game developers the opportunity to make their own games through use of a Kaneva Developed engine, have released a new version of their platform:

Major features in Kaneva Game Platform

Installation and Operation

  • KGP Installation allows selective install. Receive only the files you need for your game design requirements.
  • Autosave and Save All. Kaneva Game Studio preserves your changes as you navigate across command panels and dialogs, preventing data loss as you enter data. You no longer need to use Save to commit settings prior to moving off a command panel, and you can use the Game > Save All command to commit all changes in your game design.
  • Phased transition from index based fields to drop-down lists. Almost gone are the days of having to look up the ID number of a resource, or count through lists to determine the ID number to enter. Now you simply choose the resource you want to use from a drop-down list.

Modeling and Art Design

  • Ogre XML support. This is huge: you're no longer limited to using 3ds max as your modeling program! Use 3d models in KGP from any modeling program that supports the Ogre XML standard. In addition to exporting from 3ds, you can create and export 3d models from applications such as Blender, Maya, LightWave, and many others.
  • Actor scaling. Grow or shrink the size of actors to fit your game's environment. This feature is very useful when you're using third-party models that may not be size-compatible with your game world.
  • Simplified equippable items placement. Equipping your actors with inventory items and weapons has never been easier, especially since Kaneva Game Studio works with you to properly position items on actors.
  • Simplified reference objects manipulation: You're got the option to globally change attributes for every instance of a reference object, instead of having to change each individually.
  • Multitexturing with separate alpha map. Artists can include complex and clever texturing for objects and actors in the game.

Scripting and Blade Development

  • SDK documentation for blade server. Learn how to program custom features into your game design.
  • Addition of many new KGP methods and events, especially for AI, Client, Stats, and Skills. Lets you customize and fine-tune more features and specific behaviors into your game.
  • Player Grouping. Incorporate teams, team leaders, invitations, and other grouping features into your game design.
  • Targeting and targeting control events. Let your players use the pointer to select other players and NPCs for aiming a weapon or performing an action.

Distribution and Publishing

  • Game distribution for local, development, pilot, and commercial games. Automatically collect and configure the files you need for your game prior to publishing or sharing with other players.
  • Game publishing for commercial games. Enables you to create and update games you can host on the Kaneva network and sell to your players.
  • Game selling for commercial games. Lets players find your game and purchase periodic subscriptions to it.

For more information on Kaneva as it relates to the world of MMORPGs, click here to read Dana Massey's thoughts from a June 30th, 2005.

To visit Kaneva's Website, click here.


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