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Kakao Wants ArcheAge Community Feedback on 2022 Changes and Upcoming Improvements

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Kakao Games is reflecting back on decisions and changes in ArcheAge this year, and is seeking community feedback on a number of changes and decisions made since the company took over publishing rights for the franchise last December.

Included in the patch notes for updates this year has been a section labeled “Improvements” and there’s a new “feedback event” which will function as a survey of just how they’ve done this year on all of the changes mentioned. With a mention that a lot of changes have come just over the past two months, they promise that a lot more items that fit in this “improvements” category are coming. So now’s your chance to weigh in on the changes, big and small, that Kakao Games has applied to ArcheAge this year.

Some of these changes (in their list of 44):

  • Merged the 4 Teleport Stones for Garden of the Gods into 1
  • To mitigate the issue where multiple secondary characters could be used to get many Siege Risopoda crafting materials (Risopoda Parts), Equipment Points were restricted to 10,000 points for the Corrupted Risopoda quest.
  • Vehicles were designed to be destroyed near the bosses for Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift to prevent exploits.
  • The NPC dialogue is no longer visible in the general chat. 

Upcoming improvements in the rest of 2022 will include:

  • A feature which prevents blocked characters from entering Raids or using portals.
  • An auto-sort feature for Friend, Family, Guild, and Community UI.
  • Adding a feature to display Equipment Points on the Instance Team Info.
  • Improvements to how you receive Marketplace Mail products that remove the need to receive multiple items click-by-click.

The team wants both feedback on what they’ve done this year, but also on what they’ve proposed for the second half of 2022. To sweeten the appeal, they’ll be giving currency awards to 10 players that provide quality feedback.

For more on the 2022 improvements in review and what’s to come, head to ArcheAge.


Christina Gonzalez

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