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Kakao Games Delays ArcheAge Servers Opening to Tomorrow

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It looks like those who have been waiting to get back into ArcheAge under the new Kakao Games servers will have to wait just a little longer. The team announced today that there is an issue in the backend that they have not been able to resolve it yet and have decided to delay the scheduled opening of the new servers until tomorrow.

On a reassuring note, they insist that none of the data transfer process was affected by this backend issue. So everyone’s saved data up through November 18th will be available if they transferred their characters.

The issue was apparently already known, because the delay announcement indicates that they were already hesitant to announce an exact opening time in the hopes they could fix the issue before the December 2nd date. However, their team along with the developers at XLGAMES, were not able to resolve it in time to launch today.

This delay follows announced changes to how the fresh start servers will work and the timing of their rollout as well. Fresh start servers, as announced, had few restrictions and extra bonuses to help level any characters starting over, so it created community concern over potential botting, mules, and exploits. The EU fresh start server was already scheduled to open tomorrow and it seems like that’s still on track.

If they feel like they're on track to open sometime tomorrow, it should mean that they're on the way to fixing the issue.  While it seems like this issue has been troubling for a little while, announcing a delay today instead of just going ahead is a good plan. There’s still no indication of server open time, but there should be an announcement coming late today or early tomorrow.

For the full announcement of the delay and ongoing work to fix the issue, see the update over at ArcheAge


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