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Kael Drakkel, EverQuest II's New Lore and Legend Server is Launching Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Following downtime on Everquest II to apply today's update, the new special server ruleset, the Lore and Legend server Kael Drakkel,  will go live. The new server will let you play through the first seven expansions for Everquest II without necessarily having to worry about gearing.

The server type is another option that will let people play with their friends without ever having to worry about getting left behind even if life gets in the way.  Starting on Kael Drakkel means you will start at level 90 with a full level 90 gear set. As you go on your adventures, you will always stay at a level appropriate to the zone you're in. This means that even if you go ahead and master some harder content, if you joined a friend to play through the same content, your character would be mentored down to the right level to play together.

When it comes to gear, that level 90 set you start with is just the beginning because you will be able to earn loot drops that let you upgrade your base gear as you progress through the available content. The idea behind this new server is to let you take your time and enjoy the content without ever feeling like you're getting left behind or can not find the right gear to get through a particular area or content. This should also make pickup grouping easier because again, no one has to worry about other players being unprepared. 

If you’ve been adventuring through Norrath for a while, this might be a fresh way to spend more time. For those who might have wanted to try a classic like EverQuest II but were intimidated by just how much content has been released and things to know, this server is also for those players too.

For more on the new Lore & Legends server and to find out when it is live, head over to the announcement over at Everquest II.


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