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Juvty Worlds Releases a New ARPG 'Based in the Wild Terra Universe'

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Juvty Worlds, developers of Wild Terra, has published a new story-based action RPG called Corrupted. The game is set in the same game universe as Wild Terra and is considered in Early Access. According to the game's store page, there is a 20-chapter campaign spread across a variety of landscapes. Players will find a "large arsenal" of weapons and a variety of opponents including Kings, Witches, Counselors, Warlocks and others.

A brave warrior goes in search of a younger sister who disappeared after a curse fell on the village. The protagonist, shoulder to shoulder with the hunter girl, unravels the wily intentions of the Warlock, the Witch and the King, who is also involved in this. But will the characters understand what happened and find the missing sister? Corrupted - a mix of arcade, RPG and visual novel. Fight off the hordes of monsters and break through to the truth. Discover new skills and improve your combat arsenal. The ground under your feet will be strewn with skulls of enemies!

The game is on sale during its launch week for $8, but will return to its normal $10 price on June 12th.

Learn more on the Corrupted Steam page.


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