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Just When You Think You've Heard It All

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According to a report at Kotaku, a 64-year-old Korean Lineage player tried to sue NCSoft for a reported $28,000 when she "lost" an ultra rare sword through a botched enchantment. When she notified Lineage game masters and, later, NCSoft of the issue, restoration of the item was refused, hence the lawsuit.

However, the court showed that the gaming granny's game log revealed she continued to enchant other items after failing to enchant the rare sword. There were also records of her failing to enchant other items as well as purchasing an in-game scroll to increase her enchanting abilities.

"Other items were enchanted along with the item in question so it is hard to rule out that losing the item was an isolated case," said the court. The court added that even if this were a mistake, NCsoft does not bear the responsibility to restore her item.


Suzie Ford

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