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Junkanoo Event Arrives

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Pirates of the Burning Sea devs have announced that the annual Junkanoo Event has arrived on all servers. The event will be broken into two parts: Part One: Defend your Nation on the Open Sea and Fun and Games of Junkanoo. Devs have posted overviews of each event along with the schedule.

The first part of Noel’s plan is more risky than the second. Noel needs captains to defend their Nation’s special Junkanoo Freetraders. The Freetraders will set sail from different ports, and players can either defend the Freetraders or attack those of the other Nations.

The second part of the event is the infamous Junkanoo feast. Nicholas Noel has organized a few generous residents to supply food and drink. These residents will also be handing out flags and sails—each.

Be prepared though—each of the residents will give you a challenge or question before handing over these prizes.

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