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June Newsletter Touches on Lore, Crafting, & More

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The June edition of the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter is out with its usual nods to the community and with brief profiles of new staff members at Visionary Realms. Most notably, however, is the developer updates across a number of sections including Lore, Crafting, World Building, NPC placement and more.

  • Lore: Work is progressing to flesh out the story outside the city of Thronefast with persons of interest and factions including naming NPCs, roles and behaviors of the mobs in the zone.
  • World Building: Production of terrain for several zones is underway including the creation of new textures and "natural assets".
  • Preparing for Pre-Alpha: This section goes into how the team is working to prepare the client for pre-alpha by placing NPCs in the world in places that suit them and are logical to both the lore and the location into which they are inhabiting.
  • Internal Client Release: The team works in "sprints" in one-month cycles to move production along. This allows for the creation and implementation of clear goals for short periods of time that show measurable results.

Lastly, Corey Lefever wrote about crafting and harvesting design:

We spec'd out the Crafting user interface and its functionality. This includes a recipe book that has search and filter capabilities, visual display of the required materials for a selected recipe, and a few other features with the user experience in mind. We're finishing the groundwork now, and should have something show worthy Soon™.

We also began implementing the first trade Profession, the Outfitter, with some basic starting recipes to start refining/polishing the general Crafting experience. Once it feels mostly appropriate, we'll begin adding in the other professions with their starting recipes, so we can be working them up in tandem.

We created the Harvesting nodes and components necessary to support the Outfitter profession. The rest will be layered in along with the additional professions as we go.

Check out the full newsletter on the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen site.


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