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Jump Into Broken Ranks for Open Beta 2 - Starting in the Second Half of September

Steven Weber Posted:
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Looking to try something a little different? Well September is the perfect time for that, as Broken Ranks is headed into its second Open Beta in the second half of September. Exact details have not yet been provided but those interested in the turn-based strategy MMORPG should keep their eyes on the official Whitemoon Games twitter account.

Broken Ranks is pushing forward with their next Open Beta test that is slated for late September. For those unfamiliar with the game, we recently provided a preview and interview that detailed many of the systems and philosophy that went into the development of the game, and its original incarnation, Pride of Taern. The game will be available for testing on Windows, with a MacOS client planned in the near future. Broken Ranks also has plans to release a mobile version at some point, which would actually work pretty well considering that the game utilizes a complex turn-based system for combat, where players strategize a general combat scenario up front, and modify it as battles play out.

If you’re ready to take part in the upcoming beta, you can head on over to the official Broken Ranks website and register, which will not only provide you with the latest details of when the Open Beta will start, but will also create save your account within the game. The story-heavy, isometric, game has held several testing phases throughout 2021, including a Closed Beta back in May, and their first Open Beta which began in July.

Broken Ranks will allow players to test 7 professions, and experience a harrowing story where players will have to make some tough decisions, and experience difficult battles. Broken Ranks is also slated to have hundreds of hours of content to keep players busy, though it’s unlikely most players will experience a great deal of it during the short Beta windows provided for testing.


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