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Journeying to the Lonely Mountain, the Iron Hills & the Grey Mountains

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The Lord of the Rings forum has a new producer's post that lays out some of the first details coming to the game in the future. Most notably, players will finally get some amazing Dwarven lore and culture with the game expanding to include the Lonely Mountain, the Iron Hills and the Grey Mountains. These will come along with a new instance cluster and a new raid later in 2018. Players will find over 80 new quests and a level cap increase to 120.

Other plans on the table:

  • tying up several storylines
  • Morgul Vale delayed to 2019 to "allow for an expanded vision of the content"
  • Seasonal Instances coming this summer: "Two Instances will be added, which will run during the duration of the Summer Festival. First, we are remastering Thrang from the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu as a standalone, scaling Fellowship Instance. Secondly, we are introducing "A Perfect Picnic", a Festivity Instance that allows groups of varying sizes (including solo players) to enjoy a challenge at their level. Our Festival plans don’t end there, and we will be adding to the Harvestmath Festival as well, although the Boffins have suggested we not reveal more at this time."

Lastly, devs have heard the community and will begin taking a "holistic look at our ten classes".

Instead of a comprehensive overhaul of each class, one at a time, we will instead make targeted adjustments to many classes at once, and continue these incremental improvements over future updates. This allows us to improve all of our classes in a shorter time frame and better balance power and group utility in a more responsive way. You can expect the first wave of class adjustments to happen in the coming months, and continue for some time to come.

Read the full post on the Lord of the Rings Online site.


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