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Join Wizard101 for Halloween with Returning Events, Quests, and Spooky Themed Items

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In October, there's never any shortage of Halloween events to spend time enjoying the spookier side of things in your favorite MMOS. Now Wizard101 is getting into the spirit with a mix of returning events and fun and maybe a surprise too.

Among the returning events are a series of Halloween quests to take on. If your wizard is level 13 or above, you can find out why the vegetables planted in the Haunted Cave aren't exactly acting like normal. Nothing suspicious there, right? In the end, you'll face the Nosferabbit and can have a chance at some fun drops, and quest completion will net you a Frankenbunny pet.

Jack Hallow is another seasonal source of quests,with suitable rewards to go along with the story. While free players can enjoy most of the story and quests, access to all zones and parts will require membership. 

There will also be assorted Halloween themed pets and items available in the shop. Would you like to adventure with your very own Zombee? A Ghost Dragon? Zombie Piggle? Well, those will be available. The shop will also have some costumes, like the vampire or mummy costumes, along with mounts like the Shadowy Flying Carpet, teleport effects, and even a spooky dance emote.

There’s also a new Spiral Stitch contest, letting you put together a great outfit from pieces that belong to different sets but look good together. if you think you’ve got what it takes, then you can submit your best outfits and possibly win special Halloween packages or 10,000 crowns.

Wizard101 is still celebrating its 13th year, and with the game’s fun for all ages approach to magical adventure, it’s no wonder that Halloween continues to be a fun event for the community. For more on Halloween or the Special Stitch contest, check out the event page.


Christina Gonzalez