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Join the Baroness or Cover Girl As G.I. Joe Returns to World of Tanks For a Special Event

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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World of Tanks is no stranger to action-packed collaborations, and starting today, the game celebrates the 40th anniversary of Hasbro’s classic G.I. Joe toy line, with a new event running through October 24th.

This collaboration, which starts today,  not only marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the famous action figures that grew beyond the toy aisle, but round two after the last event. Cover Girl and Baroness come on board as commanders.  In addition to the two new commanders, there are new 3D styles, a special themed web event, new decals, emblems, and inscriptions for each faction. 

Those 3D styles? Two famous G.I. Joe franchise vehicles: the Wolverine and Cobra C.A.T. The Wolverine style will be for the Strv S1 tank, while the C.A.T. will be for the M54 Renegade tank. Customization continues with a commemorative 40th anniversary G.I. Joe emblem that you'll be able to get your hands on. 

A new trailer for the event shows just where things were left off last time between Duke and Cobra Commander, introduce the new commanders and show off the vehicles and options that could be yours in this special event. 

During the first five days there will be a special battle mission daily, refreshing every 24 hours. You'll have to pick a side, but when you do that you'll get a code that will give you content from last year’s event, including Duke and Cobra Commander, and a discount on this year’s packages. 

Tankers will be able to get decals featuring the Wolverine and the Cobra C.A.T. based on their original package art. Other options you can get are the G.I. Joe star and the COBRA insignia, which will be instantly recognizable if you’re a fan of the classic franchise.

For more on the event and collaboration, head over to World of Tanks. 


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