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Join MMORPG Writer Robin + Guildies for World of Warcraft Stream Tonight at 8p ET

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Join MMORPG writer Robin as she and her guildies stream World of Warcraft tonight at 8p ET on the MMORPG channels.

Tonight will be a laidback farm night in heroic Eternal Palace. Last week they defeated Azshara so this week will be a bit more laid back.

You can watch her streams here:

Additionally, here is when Robin streams for MMORPG.com. Feel free to join in and watch!

Thursday Night Stream - WoW Raiding. Normal or Heroic Raiding with her casual guild as they try to get their AOTC achievements every tier.

Sunday Morning Stream - Sunday Morning Backlog, where Robin plays games she had meant to play and never got around to, or revisit old favorites she hasn’t had the time to play. Currently, she’s working her way through Witcher 3 and its two DLCs.


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