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Join Everquest's In-Person Fippy Fest For $1499

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Want to immerse yourself in the world and history of the 25-year-old legendary MMORPG EverQuest with other fans, in-person in California? 

That’ll be $1,499. 

This is currently the only ticket available for Fippy Fest, an in-person event for Everquest fans taking place in California this June 14-15. 

Precise details are “still under wraps,” but it promises lofty vibes with “engaging content,” allowing players to “immerse yourself in the rich lore, vibrant communities, and epic tales that have defined these games for decades.” The Ambassador tier, listed as the only ticket on the Eventbrite page so far, includes “pre-livestream events which include personalized time with the game teams, and exclusive fan activities,” plus the highest tier of in-game rewards for the event.  

The event is described as “a limited gathering for fans of EverQuest and EverQuest II, as we celebrate the legacy, adventures, and vibrant community of these iconic MMORPGs.” 

Thankfully, if you’re one of millions affected by the current state of the economy, you can watch all the major events and panels for free online. 

If you still have a hole burning in your wallet, there are digital in-game “goodie bags” with exclusive in-game items up for purchase on the official site, starting at $50 for a “Fan Edition” and going up to $250 for a “VIP Edition.” The good news is, every edition gets a 42-slot in-game “swag bag” with weight reduction! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get that real-life “swag bag” with a poster. Shame. 

As a point of comparison, FFXIV Fan Festival tickets in Las Vegas were $199.99 before fees, and Blizzcon went up to $299 from $229 the prior year, with $799 VIP “Portal Passes” available. VIP passes for Coachella, which include exclusive areas with food, drink, and air-conditioned bathrooms, cost $1,269 for a weekend base ticket, and the highest tier for Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas, including bracelet-making bars, complimentary breakfast, and expedited ferris wheel entry, is $1,328.99 after taxes and fees. 


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