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Join Crowfall's Battle Test, Get Rewarded

Stress test those servers

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Crowfall’s team needs your help starting today to stress test their game. Oh and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

The test will run through Friday, so you’ll have all week to hop in and help out. The team is aiming to stress test the LIVE play testing server to help them target performance fixes. The campaign schedule for testing is as follows:

  • TUE OCT 13 - 8:30 PM CDT - Keep of Xalas the Scall
  • WED OCT 14 - 7:30 PM CDT - Fort Emmac Oxbridge
  • THU OCT 15 - 8:30 PM CDT - Keep of Franck Radev
  • FRI OCT 16 - 8:30 PM CDT - Keep of Glorb the Gooey

Additionally, if you want a full schedule of the siege, be sure to check here. Rewards are in the cards for you as well. If you play more than six hours between now and October 18, you’ll receive the black “Hero’s Tankard”. You can equip this tankard for a +2% damage bonus. For more information on the test, check out the full forum post here.


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