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Joel Bylos AMA and Giveaway Wednesday @ Noon ET!

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Join us Wednesday, January 11 at 12PM ET in our Conan Exiles subforum for an "Ask Me Anything" Q&A event with creative director Joel Bylos.

Please keep in mind that Wednesday's AMA is NOT a discussion thread. Simply submit your questions in the thread (or follow-up questions to any of Joel's answers) and allow him a chance to answer.

Remember to be respectful and courteous with your questions. Disrespectful questions, comments, or outright trolling will be dealt with harshly by our moderation team.

The AMA thread will be opened up an hour before the event is scheduled to go live so that questions can be asked in advance.

Anyone who submits a question during the event will automatically be entered to win one of ten copies of Conan Exiles we'll be giving away at the conclusion of the AMA.

The below comments thread is NOT the Q&A thread. Again, the thread will be posted Wednesday in our Conan Exiles subforums.


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