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Job Adjustments and More Come to Final Fantasy XI

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Job adjustments and more are in the latest Final Fantasy XI patch.

Specifically, job adjustments are coming to the Summoner, where a new spell called Siren has been added. You can use Blood Packs once you acquire Siren. The Paladin sees some changes as well, such as changes to Rampart, and tweaks to recast time of some abilities.

The Beastmaster has received a tweak where a host of pet abilities’ time to cast again. has been reduced to one second. Resolved issues were included as well:

  • Various issues with incorrect NPC dialogue and help text.
  • The issue with the following battlefields wherein area brightness was incorrect under certain client settings.
    • A stygian Pact / ?Champion of the Dawn / ?Divine Interference / ?Maiden of the Dusk
  • The issue wherein the effect range for the song Maiden’s Virelai did not display properly when a string instrument was equipped.
  • The issue wherein enhancing effects of special abilities used by pets summoned by the Call Beast ability would improperly apply to alter egos called by the party leader.
  • The issue wherein synergizing items using synergy furnaces created by the neck item Portafurnace would not cause the said synergy furnace’s durability to degrade over time.


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