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Jessica Mulligan Interview

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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This past weekend at Turbine Nation 2004, Throne of Destiny was announced as an expansion to the original Asheron's Call.  Jessica Mulligan, Executive Producer of the Asheron's Call series of games, was recently interviewed by ACVault.

Your presentation stated that 6,000 textures were being updated in the expansion. What about models?
Jessica: Some models will be updated as part of the expansion pack. Not to say anything bad about the artists who worked on the game - they were excellent with the technology and abilities we had at the time - but our expansion pack artists looked at some of the existing models and felt that they could do a better job. The team has much better resources now than were available back when Asheron's Call was originally created.

Many players are excited that a new landmass - the Viamontian archipelago - is being included in the expansion pack. Can we expect the various creatures to have their own areas on the island, or will it be more of a mix? For example, the Olthoi primarily inhabit the plateau on Marae Lassel.
Jessica: The creatures will have some sort of habitat on the island. Initially, the creatures will exclusively inhabit the new landmass, but this may change as time goes on.

The full interview may be accessed at ACVaultClick here for the official Asheron's Call website.


Reed Hubbard