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Jeff Kaplan Discusses Overwatch Competitive Open Queue and More In Dev Update

Plus buffs for Mercy

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest dev update for Overwatch features Jeff (from the Overwatch team) outlining competitive open queue, and more.

Sporting a most excellent beard, Jeff gets right to the competitive open queue currently in the Arcade, which is ending soon. Jeff notes that people play competitive open queue very differently across the globe. For example, in Korea, it’s the second most popular mode. But in North America, it’s far less popular.

The team has a plan to bring competitive open queue back. Shortly, the queue will come down for some time. However, the team will bring back a shortened Arcade version sometime in mid-June. In early July after Season 23 starts, competitive open queue will become an official mode supported alongside the Role Queue Competitive Queue.

Jeff notes that the goals for the year was fast iteration and experimentation. He also addressed concerns on queue times. According to their metrics, they’ve found queue times are better when open queues exist.

The Experimental Card should be up shortly as well including balance changes targeting Bastion to make him more viable. Lots of changes are coming to support heroes as well. As an example, Ana’s healing is getting nerfed, but Mercy is getting a buff.

You can watch the full update below:


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