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Jeff Kaplan Discusses Echo in Latest Overwatch Developer Update

Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team introduces the latest hero, Echo, in their newest developer update video.

Mina Liao was expert in robotics and AI. She helped create race of robots known as Omnics. During the Omnic crisis, she had a crisis of faith. Overwatch approached her to be a member to handle the crisis. She then became leading expert on robotics for Overwatch. After the crisis, she started the secretive Echo project to create a better version of what a robot could be. She created a robot with an adaptive personality. Echo robot could learn by observing.

“Liao’s achievement—an adaptive, versatile artificial intelligence able to modify its behaviors, reconfigure (quite literally) on the fly, and learn from those around it—made Echo both the ultimate mission aide and a potential liability as her sentience developed and she began to question her place in the world.”

Jeff describes her as a damage character, shooting three projectiles from her hand. She can also shoot off sticky bombs, which sounds exciting. Her primary ability is flight for a limited time.

You can learn more here.


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