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Jagex Talks Equipment Rebalance For OSRS As The Spring Festival Comes To RuneScape

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It's been a while since we've heard anything about the equipment rebalance in Old School RuneScape, and with good reason. March has plagued Jagex with a login lockout that has seen many of the MMORPG's players unable to log in and, well, play. However, the team took some time today to update fans on the rebalance efforts which were postponed in February in the Old School version of the MMORPG.

The team talks about their approach to the rebalance and what they are doing to get "this all moving again" after the rough month for Jagex. Old School RuneScape fans will remember that this equipment rebalance was meant to help keep any power creep in check and provide long-term health benefits for the MMORPG, however how exactly it was going to accomplish this was something of debate over the course of the last few months. Jagex talks about their approach to the rebalance and changes they've made to that approach along the way.

Initially Jagex meant to just "zip through the required changes in one fell swoop." However, it became clear that would not be the best way to handle this as the discussion eventually broke down and was "consumed by a small number of key equipment changes."

The team also meant to just take care of some of the issues they saw with equipment without really addressing the gaps caused by the rebalancing till later. However, leaving so much speculation in the air as to when these gaps would be filled "understandably made some players nervous."

So the team is changing their approach to the rebalance, starting with how it's being released to Old School RuneScape. Now the rebalance is going to be split into four separate releases, each one allowing the team to make sure that they get this right for the game and the players who still make up the population of Old School. As such, the first changes are coming in April tackling changes detailed already, such as the rebalancing of amour, spears, as well tweaks to items like the Twisted Bow and Dragonbone Necklaces. In the future players can expect changes to the ranged meta, PvP as well as Tier Rebalancing. 

You can check out the full list of changes and the timeline on the Old School RuneScape website. In other RuneScape news today marks the start of the Spring Festival, which will run from March 29th through April 11th. Players interested in checking itout can head south of the Archaeology Guild to catch some butterflies as well as take part in some of the Druids' ancient traditions. For those players still locked out as Jagex continues to make sure they can restore accounts swiftly and accurately, Jagex will be compensating all RuneScape players unable to take part.


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