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Jagex Reveals More of Legacy of Zamorak and the Next Six Months of Content Coming to RuneScape

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Zamorak is coming, and the Wilderness will be reborn in Legacy of Zamorak, part of the next six months in RuneScape, and Jagex has just released lots of details and a preview of what we can expect. First up, the Lord of Chaos.

Just getting to Zamorak, who is in the Wilderness, will require getting through a dungeon. This dungeon will be for 1-5 players and scales with party size. The dungeon will have an enrage system, which means as the enrage level goes up, so does enemy HP. However, if you prove yourself enough, you may earn the ability to skip the dungeon and just go fight Zamorak when you want to.

Taking on the Lord of Chaos will be a challenge at any level, but the fight itself is also for 1-5 players and is scalable from a story mode encounter to a full party extreme difficulty fight. This battle is the first one to use the new enrage system along with lessons learned from the Elder God Wars. Zamorak’s enrage isn’t capped at 4000, and can go up into extremely difficult levels. There’s even a ranking system that will keep track of all this for the first time, potentially earning some players a bit of RuneScape immortality.. 

Those who have been active more recently have had the chance to obtain a special boon to help them out against Zamorak, but the time is coming for the huge showdown. Not only will there be powerful loot for anyone who can claim victory, launch will also bring a free death week to jump into the fight. 

In Daughter of Chaos, story will take precedence, leading into what the team calls a new chapter in Gielinor’s history. This will focus on Moia,  who is attacking humans and who you’ve been asked to stop. 

Wilderness Reborn will usher in a revamp of the Wilderness graphically as well as making PvP optional and adding new PvM challenges and rewards. The visual changes and upgrades will also hold for upcoming content.

The update arrives on July 4th. Head over to RuneScape for more info on Legacy of Zamorak.


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