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Jagex Making Open World Survival Game in the RuneScape Universe, Announces New Project Hires

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Jagex is continuing to expand the RuneScape universe, and has announced several new hires for an upcoming open world survival game set in that universe and built in Unreal 5. The game still remains undisclosed, and there are no real details, but the new devs may shed a little light on what’s coming.

RuneScape is in the middle of a year where board games have been announced (and Kickstarter-funded), a collaboration with Titan Forge’s MOBA Smite coming this fall, and the franchise is otherwise expanding. 

Coming aboard this project is Maddie Harper as Senior Producer who will be working with the Executive Producer and marketing to “translate the product vision to the development team and stakeholders”, according to a press release on the hires. Guilhem Barloy, Associate Technical Director will work in “maintaining the technical vision for the project” and guiding engineering. Finally, Géry Arduino, Principal Technical Artist, will lead and mentor a team “whose focus will be ensuring that technical specifications and art direction criteria are met for the project”.

While none of these give any hints at exactly what kind of content to expect, looking at the fact that Jagex has brought on leads and senior developers to bring the project to life is promising. 

Jagex CEO Phil Mansell was also quoted and it does seem that we’ll be hearing a lot more about this coming project soon.

“We are delighted to welcome Maddie, Guilhem and Géry into Jagex for this exciting soon-to-be-revealed project. With the ongoing success of RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, and the buzz of activity for our third-party publishing arm Jagex Partners, now is an ideal time to scale up our new game development teams who are bringing a whole new gameplay and visual experience to the legendary RuneScape universe”

Where do you think an open world survival RuneScape-based game will go?


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