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It's Time to Head to the Beach Again in RuneScape For Hot Weather XP Boosts

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It's summer, so RuneScape is taking everyone back to the beach. Instead of the regular Lumbridge Crater, you will find a summer paradise opening up on June 27th and lasting through July 31st. Head to the beach for a series of activities, games, activities for learning and earning XP, additional XP bonuses, and the return of Clawdia.

Of course each year at the beach, provides a little bit of variety, and this year's list of activities are:

  •    Sandcastle building
  •     Barbeques
  •     Rock pool fishing
  •     Palm tree farming
  •     Hook-a-duck
  •     The coconut shy
  •     Body building
  •     Dungeoneering Hole

You can participate in as many activities as you want, but doing so will increase your temperature and if you hit the temperature cap you will need to eat ice cream to cool down. You are allowed to eat three ice creams per day so you'll have to balance out your activities and your XP hunting with cooling down. Speaking of activities, every 15 minutes one of those activities will become the featured spotlight and will reward you with a 10% XP bonus.

There's another 10% XP bonus but this applies to all beach activities during happy hour, which occurs five different times a day. During happy hour your temperature will not increase when you do activities, so if you’re close to overheating and out of ice cream but want to get some XP, this is your shot.

Gielinor would not be caught without a formidable boss to take on, and Clawdia fits this event. She’s a huge crustacean you may be familiar with from previous beach parties. Well, she’s back and if you can take her down within 5 minutes, all players that attacked her get rewards, and killing her will get you drops, including an anti-sun potion the first time you kill her per day. This gets you 24 hours of 5% XP boost for all beach activities.

For the full details of the 2022 beach event, including the new rewards, head over to RuneScape.


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