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It's Time for the Casters: Wizard, Enchanter & Summoner

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The Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen site has been updated to reveal information about the final group of character classes: The Casters. There is a new dedicated page for each of the three: Wizard, Summoner and Enchanter. Readers will find information about race requirements, armor type, weapons, abilities, each one's class symbol and some brand new artwork.

Summoner: "It is a curious thing, to reach a hand into realities other than your own. This is the art of the Summoner, whose hand then bring forth all manner of things that did not exist only moments before. The Summoners command of arcane conjuration is unrivaled, able to bring forth sustenance, tools, barricades, weaponry, even fantastic creatures of incredible strength and ability - all of this at their whim."

Enchanter: "Like the current of a raging river is the pull of an Enchanter on the mind of their adversaries. Through a single word, the Enchanter can turn the intent of an enemy and break even the strongest of wills into submission. Whether through trickery or coercion, the Enchanter is adept at controlling the battlefield and forming order out of chaos."

Wizard: "There are none that exist who have so obsessively studied the enigmatic and destructive nature of the arcane. While many Wizards are driven mad with this knowledge, often destroying themselves through lack of control, those who emerge stable under the weight of such power wield a force barely imaginable in awe and effect."

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