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It's the First Free Fly of 2022 in Star Citizen

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It’s time once again for Free Fly in Star Citizen, with the ability to take to the skies and try the game’s most recent build out for free. This first event of 2022 will run from today, February 17th through February 25th. This time around you can try the RSI Aurora MR, the Origin 100i, The Consolidated Outland Nomad, the Drake Cutlass Black, or the MISC Prospector. 

This event follows the release of  Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown in late December. There are two large-scale dynamic events to participate in during the event period. The first is Jumptown 2.0.  Jumptown 2.0 is a recreation of the original event where players can decide to join law enforcement or the criminal factions over drug Labs across the system. You can engage in large-scale battles to see who wins and takes the loot and the game's recently added medical gameplay system adds layers to possible consequences.

Also up is the Ninetails Lockdown event. The Ninetails gang has locked down a space station.  Once again, you have a choice to make. You can support the Ninetails gang and keep the lockdown going or you can ally with security forces to battle to end it.

These promotional Free Fly events also come with a series of discounts and referral bonuses, which have been updated for this event. There are additional referral bonuses that award both the refer and the referee with a free Lodestone armor and a sniper rifle set. Discounts will be available in the store through February 28th.

The Star Citizen community has recently been responding to changes in the company's decision to stop publishing its longer development roadmap.  This is the first Free Fly event since that came about, and it remains to be seen if there will be any effect on the event.

For complete details on the event, the available ships, and more, see the announcement over at Star Citizen


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