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It's Super Adventure Festival Time in Guild Wars 2, With New Rewards, Achievements, and Adventures

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It’s Super Adventure Festival time again in Guild Wars 2, so head to Rata Sum for your annual adventures in Moto’s game mode. There’s an expanded Test Zone, new rewards, and more this year.

The Super Adventure Box has returned, with two game worlds to explore, along with the Test Zone. The event runs from now through May 7th, and is open to all levels. If you’re a GW2 veteran, then you’ll know what to expect from the box. When you enter the game world, pick a mode–Exploration for a more casual experience with help on jumping puzzles, or Tribulation for a challenge–and go. You'll have a new skill bar when you're inside the box, you won't take fall damage, and you won't be able to use gliders or mounts, but you will notice a difference in your movement.

You are on a heroic journey to save Princess Miya, armed with a stick. Things get better as you progress, and you'll be able to acquire other weapons and tools from shopkeepers in the world as you explore. Use these new weapons to continue, defeat your enemies (try to not take too much damage), find treasures, and on your way collect baubles that drop. These will come in handy later to trade for the event currency that gets you loot.

The Test Zone is not exactly world 3, but it’s also not not a third world. It has been expanded this year and there are secrets to discover, and new items, including a new Magic Bow to unlock. 

Find the event trader to swap 250 baubles for bauble bubbles. Exchange those for minis, weapons, armor, and more. ArenaNet has added new goodies this year, including a scepter, pistol, sword, and spear among the new Retro-Forged weapons. You can also craft some guild hall items to recreate the Super Adventure world. The Test Zone also offers up a Mini Green Ooze if you complete the right achievement. 

There are plenty of achievements to unlock, weapons, weapon skins, and much more.


Christina Gonzalez

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