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It's Spooky Time Again As EverQuest Opens Nights of the Dead

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It's October, so that means Halloween and fall events in all your favorite MMORPGs. EverQuest is the latest to bring its event back, with Nights of the Dead starting today.

The returning event will be running through November 8th, giving you plenty of time to go take on some spooky quests, get some candy, and have some fun. The event has been running since 2005, and features a series of event quests, items, rewards, and of course, themed activities all around Norrath.

If you want to take part, you'll have to go to the Plane of Knowledge for all the ways to take part in the event. Talk to Zigan Ribshard, Edmund Strangeways, and Illis Taberish for more on what to do. Some of the activities that are back include  your opportunity to help some Farmers that are dealing with a particularly frustrating which, creatures to hunt down and collect treats from, and new requests from Tully.

Speaking of Tully, if you find and talk to Astyn the Gray, she’ll let you know that he’s up to no good. She’ll also present an opportunity to gather some others and protect the lands.

It's also time again to try and defeat the Headless Horseman. Just pay attention for any sightings and get to the location to challenge him. You'll also be protecting the lands by finding creatures, including Reign of Shadows Undead and particular beasts like skeletons, vampires, and werewolves, and defeating them. You'll be able to get treats from creatures of all levels, even gray mobs. Then exchange the treats you get for candy corn and then trade the candy corn with Grabby  the merchant for rewards.

As usual, the Darkpaw Games team will have some new features to look out for this time around. So get in the mood for spooky season in EverQuest

Head over to EverQuest for the event announcement.


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