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It's Moon Festival Time, or Extreme Demon Battlefield Raid Time, in Swords of Legends Online

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It’s Moon Festival time again in Swords of Legends Online. The latest update brings the event, a new Extreme difficulty raid, and some additional fixes and changes. 

The Moon Festival will bring some beautiful sights to see as the stage is set for all things celebration of the moon. Expect the sky over Cloudrise to feature the bright moon at night, with the moon rabbits around in the light. Chang Yiyi will host a banquet on Starmirror Island, and there will be moon cakes and games to celebrate. Play some of these minigames to earn Moon Offering Incense, which you can then trade for some rewards.

Some of what you can get include avatars and avatar frames. The NPC you trade with, Chang Rong, also offers some lanterns you can use to offer up and let them brighten the night. Things will remain this way through September 29th, every night from 8pm-1am server time.

If you’re not taken by the peaceful moonlight and want more of a challenge, the new Extreme mode for the War Domain: Demon Battlefield arrives in this patch. The raid will open up on Sunday, September 11th at 12pm and reset every Sunday. Get in there with a group of 10-20 players and slay some demons. Loot you can get include Hero Tokens - Renxia Jade.

Also in this update are a couple of small changes and tweaks. Runestone V and VI (PvE) have been added. Flight has been removed from the Heart Demon I and II Instance Exploration daily event. Three Yannas’ Art Soulforce should now work in Flight from Heart Demon II.

The update this week is a demonstration in opposites. Basking in the bright moonlight, watching the moon rabbits, sending lanterns up peacefully into the night sky and Extreme Demon Battlefield. For the notes, head over to Swords of Legends Online.


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