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It's Hunting Time in Black Desert Online, With the Latest Update Bringing O'dyllita Part 2 and Rare Animals

There are quality of life and class updates too.

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O'dyllita Part 2 opens in Black Desert Online’s latest update, which also brings new Hunting Grounds and rewards, improved pet looting, some new creatures, quality of life updates for combat, as well as class changes.

The update adds to the available content in the game, and follows on previously announced improvements like NPC visual improvements and clarification on some abilities or commands. Much of the rest of this update  concerns hunting. The main quest for O'dyllita Part 2 is now available, and  hunting is in play. 

There are also UI changes that help players with clear communication and accuracy. An important change here includes decision effects on screen like adding “miss” displayed when your attacks miss so you know when you are missing, hitting, or evading. This can help you get better at your tactics if you need a little help knowing what you did. You can also toggle this on or off. All characters under level 20 will be revived with full health and the skills in the skill guide are now display based for attack skills. 

Pearl Abyss also moved several skills, which used to be learned between levels 2 and 6, to be available at e new hunting quests, and once you complete the main questline you will be able to access 3 daily hunting quests and new hunting actions. Hunting also comes with its own rewards, including furniture and crafting resources.

To go along with the new hunting updates, there are also new creatures, including new rare creatures,  hunting monsters like the Shadow Wolf or the Grass Rhino, and for hunting boss monsters of those same types that offer a greater challenge. Some of the other creatures featured in the update include the [Enchanting] Rainbow Fox and the Cursed] Stone Cobra. If you get to know the hunters you may learn about these rare animals, catch them, and earn yourself some knowledge and titles.

Pet looting is also improved so that your pet doesn't have to necessarily follow you when you move and can still pick up your loot first. Also, if you are using pet skills it won't affect loot collection.

See the full update details, including all of the new class tweaks in this update, at Black Desert Online.


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