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It's Hard to Wage War When You're Hungry - Cooking System Added

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Gloria Victis team has sent word that aspiring chefs may want to check back into the game thanks to the addition of the cooking system. There are tons of meals and recipes that can provide boons to those partaking. Guilds bringing along a field cook are wise as the food both provides strength and a blessing.

In addition to the cooking system, guilds can now fight one another for dominance with the new leaderboards. Each battle provides Guild Points for the guild controlling a castle. in addition, players can contribute to the rank points by donating their personal points earned during PvP.

What else does today’s update bring? 4 new locations to capture, 16 new quests per nation, updated placement of several locations and numerous tweaks and fixes. We're also getting close to introduce the farming system soon.

For those who love other, more sedate pursuits, the GV team also revealed that the farming system will be coming to the game soon!

Learn more on the Gloria Victis site.


Suzie Ford

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