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It's Frostfell Time Again in EverQuest, With New Quests and Returning Holiday Content

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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EverQuest is in festive mode again, as Frostfell begins today. The event will bring both new and returning content and goodies in two stages, running through January 7th.

Get ready for Santaug Claugg by going through the first half of the event from now through December 15th. The first part of the event involves going to your hometown and helping the Frostfell Goblins stave off the plans of the Grinnuch. Then you’ll have to find missing toymakers by helping Zobb out. Search for clues, go and save Santug, and complete festive quests like “Operation: Jolliness” and “Gathering Holiday Cheer”. 

The second half of the event begins on December 16th and will run through December 30th. Since you saved the toy makers in the first part of the event, this time your job will be to help Santug with his list and gifts. 

Of course, since the full event runs through January 7th, there's new content to explore and have fun with including quests, collections, and achievements. All the new content will be available for the full length of the event. In order to start the new stuff, you have to head to Timorous Deep and look for the Goblin Ginjleg. You'll find him on vacation trying to study boats,but if you accept his challenges, you'll find out more about Frostfell dolls than you probably ever wanted to know.  There are three new quests to explore.

With Frostfell one of the returning events in EverQuest, these new quest lines should add some holiday spice to your adventuring, along with some new rewards. All of this ahead of the release the next expansion this month, Terror of Luclin, which will be out on December 7th. So whether you prefer festivities of winter and gifts or exploring dark mysterious lands with monstrous creatures, EverQuest has something for you this season

See the full event details in the official event announcement.


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