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It's Free Fly Time again in Star Citizen for Invictus Launch Week

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It's free fly time again in Star Citizen during Invictus Launch Week. Starting today, you'll be able to test fly most ships, check out a showcase of new vehicles, and explore the game.

Invictus Launch Week  is an event in Star Citizen that focuses as a showcase for current and new ships, held as a way to honor the navy and armed forces in-universe and let aerospace manufacturers show their new and active vehicles.

The event begins today, May 20th and runs through May 31st. It works as a showcase at the festival within Star Citizen with different ship manufacturers showing their wares in expo halls. The event is on now and every 48 hours different ship manufacturers will take over the expo hall so you'll be able to see the new ships and featured ships. If you like what you see, you’ll be able to rent it for a free test. 

Don’t hesitate, since you can only rent those particular ships while they’re on their 48-hour display. There is a published schedule to guide you if needed, which might come in handy if you want to try one of the limited quantity ships, which will be distributed in waves

For those who are already active pilots, logging into the event for at least five days will net you a Spectrum badge. For some, this will be their first event of this kind. According to Chris Roberts, Star Citizen has already surpassed its new player acquisition goals for 2022. This event will give all a chance to get into ships they’ve had their eye on, as well as give those new players a deep dive into just what is on offer. If you are a new player, or if you don't even have an account yet, you can still participate by signing up and getting a loaner. 

Access Star Citizen and test out some ships, including newer models, by heading over to the “Fly Now” page. 


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