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It's Fractured Online Endgame Changer Patch Release Day, Preview New Mounts, Ranger Skills, and Fortresses

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Fractured Online is set to release its big Endgame Changer update today, but the team had one more preview of the new features coming in the big update before it arrives. The last preview shows off the new mounts, new ranger abilities, and the newest large-scale PvP addition to the game–fortresses.

After community requests to expand the numbers of skills the Rangers can learn, there are four new abilities added to the school of archery, and five new abilities coming to the school of hunting.

The game had one mount, a basic horse, but there had been nothing else to expand the feature until now. Not only does this update add new mounts, they’re fleshed out with the addition of meaningful attributes, progression, and a dash of rarity. There are three attributes, health, speed, and status resistance, and these do now have an impact. Each attribute scales from 1-5, and finding one with all 5s is going to be the rarest of the rare. 

The Jungle Runner is the fastest mount you can get, and it’s only found on Terra. He calls this a “solid PvE mount” that will get you where you’re going, but isn’t much for status resistance or health. The Elder Wolf is the slowest, but a hardy mount, only found on Aerhen. It’s slower than a horse, but has a large health pool and good status resistance, which is good for tough situations and group PvP. There’s still room for horses though, whether as your mount choice or if you need to transport a wagon, as neither of the two new mounts can do that.

Speaking of PvP, the other big feature on the way is fortresses. There are six fortresses, located on Aerhen, that will become conquerable at certain times of the day. Three of these times are designed to be set during European Primetime play hours and three will be set for the US Primetime play hours, and the team will be able to adjust these times as needed. 

If your guild takes on one of these fortresses, you'll have to break down three sets of doors and defeat three sets of guard NPCs (and any defending players that might be there). If you’re within or around a fortress, you’re treated as neutral, so participation isn’t going to damage your reputation either.

See more over at Fractured Online. 


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