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It's Carnival Season in Albion Online, With the Saddled Terrorbird and Beefed Up Referral Bonuses

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Albion Online has refreshed its monthly challenge, this time bringing back the Saddled Terrorbird mount to claim. Sandbox Interactive is also beefing up its referral program this month. 

If you’re an Albion Online veteran, you know that the monthly challenges refresh, and some of the rewards can be a little stark. It’s festival season avail, with the Carnival Challenge returning. Play the game and complete a number of activities to earn some challenge points and unlock some chests to claim some loot. 

If you haven’t gotten your hands on the Saddled Terrorbird yet, it’s a fast mount that will get you across terrain safely. This mount comes with an invincibility/speed burst spell, making this bird a good choice when you need to get somewhere fast. Sometimes you might not be lugging a lot of cargo and you need to flee in a hurry, and if so, this bird is a good goal for the month.

There are other rewards to get this month through acquiring chests, like some carnival-themed wardrobe skins, the Carnival Arch, and Carnival Costume Cart. If you’ve always wanted to travel around, fooling people into thinking you’re a harmless jester on a fast bird, February in Albion Online is calling you.

Albion Online is also putting up increased gold rewards for its referral program. While those who refer other players that buy premium will get 500 gold, the change affects those who buy Albion East Founder’s Packs for the new Asian-based server that’s coming. If you refer someone who buys one of these packs, you’ll get 1,000 gold. This is in addition to any other applicable referral rewards, including the Frost Moose mount for this season's first referral.

The items in these packs will also work on Albion West, so even if the friend you refer to the upcoming new server would rather play on the existing West server, then there is nothing lost. This will also help if you and your friend want to play together but still want the bonuses.

For more on the new bonuses, head to Albion Online.


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